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McRae MacRae
McRay MacRay McRea MacRea McReynolds
MacReynolds McRoarie MacRoarie McRoary MacRoary
McRoree MacRoree McRorie MacRorie McRory
MacRory O'Raghallaigh O'Rahilly O'Regan O'Reillie
O'Reilly O'Riley O'Riordan O'Roark O'Rouairc
O'Rourke O'Rurk Rabbitt Rabet Rabett
Rabitt Radclife Radcliff Radcliffe Raddley
Radlee Radley Radlie Raetz Rafertie
Raferty Raffertee Raffertie Rafferty Rafftery
Rafterie Raftery Ragee Ragi Rahilly
Raiford Raiforde Railley Rain Raina
Rainbert Rainbird Raine Rainee Rainey
Rainor Raitz Ralee Raleigh Rales
Ralf Ralfe Rall Rallee Ralley
Ralls Rally Ralph Ralphe Rals
Ramadge Ramage Rameeres Rameerez Rameres
Ramerez Ramington Ramires Ramirez Rammington
Ramse Ramsee Ramsey Ramsie Ramsy
Rancourt Randal Randall Randel Randell
Randolf Randolph Rankan Rankin Rankine
Ransom Ranson Ransone Ransum Rapson
Rapsone Rapsun Ratbone Ratclife Ratcliff
Ratcliffe Rathbone Rathboyne Ratigan Ratray
Rattigan Rattray Raven Ravens Rawle
Rawlee Rawleigh Rawlen Rawlens Rawles
Rawlin Rawling Rawlings Rawlins Rawls
Rawly Rawnslee Rawnsley Rawnslie Rawson
Rawsone Rawsun Ray Raye Rayes
Rayetz Rayez Rayforde Rayfort Raymar
Raymer Raymond Raymonde Raynbert Raynbird
Raynee Rayney Raynor Rea Reader
Readman Reagan Reahm Ream Reame
Reaney Reanie Reany Reardon Red
Redan Redd Reddan Reddie Reddington
Reddish Reddy Reder Redie Redington
Redish Redishe Redman Redmond Redmonde
Reed Reeder Reedie Reedy Reegan
Reegin Reep Reepe Reeve Reeves
Regal Regan Regato Regin Rego
Regoe Reichardt Reid-scotland Reid Reidy
Reilley Reilly Reina Reinhardt Reinhart
Relehan Relihan Relihen Rellihan Remingten
Remington Remmington Remnant Remnont Rendel
Rendell Renehan Renehen Renfrew Renfro
Renfrow Renfrowe Renie Rennie Renny
Renold Renolds Rensha Renshaw Renshawe
Renso Reny Renzo Retinger Reve
Reves Rexrode Rey Reyes Reyez
Reymond Reymonde Reyna Reyney Reynie
Reynold Reynolds Reynor Reyny Reyynore
Rhatigan Rhea Rhoades Rhodes Rian
Ribtan-ireland Ribtin Ribton-ireland Ribton Rice-germany
Rice Rich Richan Richards Richardson
Richbel Richbell Riche Richee Richey
Richie Richman Richmon Richmond Richmonde
Richy Rickabee Rickaby Rickee Rickey
Rickman Ricky Ricroft Riddel Riddinger
Riddle Ridel Rider Riders Ridg
Ridge Ridger Ridgeway Ridinger Ridlee
Ridley Ridlie Riecroft Rigbe Rigbee
Rigbie Rigby Rigeway Righter-ireland Righter
Riglee Rigley Riglie Rigne Rignee
Rigney Rigny Riley Rimer Rimmer
Rinald Rinaldee Rinaldi Rind Rinder
Rindor Ring Ringe Ringrose Rings
Rinn Rinns Rins Riordan Rislee
Risley Risly Ritchan Ritchardson Ritchart
Ritchbel Ritchbell Ritche Ritchee Ritchey
Ritchie Ritchmond Ritchmonde Ritchy Riter-ireland
Riter Ritschhart Ritshhart River Rivers
Ro Roach Roache Roaches Roachs
Roadie Roads Roan Roane Roans
Roantree Roark Roarke Roartie Roarty
Rob Robb Robbenson Robbert-ireland Robbert
Robberts-ireland Robberts Robbertson Robbin Robbins
Robbinson Robbs Robbyn Robbyns Robenson
Robert-ireland Robert-wales Robert Roberts-ireland Roberts-wales
Roberts Robertson Robie Robilard Robilarde
Robillard Robillarde Robin Robins Robinson
Robinsun Roble Robles Robotham Robotom
Robottom Robs Roby Robyn Robyns
Rocha Roche Roches Rochford Rock
Rocke Rockes Rocket Rockete Rockett
Rockette Rocks Roddenberg Roddenburg Roddick
Roddicke Roddicks Roddie Roddock Roddy
Rodenberg Rodenburg Rodger Rodgers Rodick
Rodicke Rodicks Rodie Rodock Rodreegez
Rodregez Rodriguez Roe Rogan Rogane
Roganes Rogans Roger Rogers Rogersan
Rogerson Rogersson Rohan Rohane Roland
Roley Rolfe Rolfes Rolffe Rolick
Rolins Rolland Rollfes Rollin Rollins
Rollock Rolock Rolph Rolphe Romero
Romito Ronan Ronane Ronayne Roney
Ronie Ronslee Rooann Roodolf Rook
Rookes Rooks Rooney Roonie Roop
Roope Roose Roper Ros-ireland Ros
Rosavick Rosavik Rose-ireland Rose-scotland Rosha
Roshal Roshall Rosi Rositer Ross-ireland
Ross Rossavick Rossavik Rosshal Rosshall
Rossi Rossie Rossiter Rot Rotal
Rotch Rotche Rotchford Rotel Rotenberger
Rotenburger Roth Rothal Rothe Rothel
Rothman Rothmann Rothmon Rott Rottenberger
Rottenburger Rouhan Roundtree Rountree Rourke
Rouse Row Rowan Rowans Rowat
Rowatt Rowbotham Rowbottom Rowe Rowen
Rowens Rowet Rowett Rowland Rowley
Rowlie Rownan Rownane Rowntree Rowsan
Rowse Rowson Roy Royce Roycroft
Roycruft Roye Royse Ruan Ruane
Rubio Rudderford Rudderfort Ruddick Ruddie
Ruddock Ruddy Ruderford Ruderfort Rudick
Rudie Rudland Rudock Rudolf Rudolph
Rudy Ruish Ruishe Ruiz Rumsee
Rumsey Rumsie Rumsy Runane Runian
Runyan Rurk Ruse Rusel Rusell
Rush Rushe Russel Russell Russh
Rutherford Rutherfort Ruthledge Ruthman Ruthmon
Ruthvan Ruthven Rutland Rutledge Rutleg
Rutlege Rutu Ruutu Ryan Ryans
Rybton Ryce Rych Rychan Rychards
Rychardson Rychbel Rychbell Ryche Rycroft
Ryddel Ryddle Rydel Ryder Ryders
Rymer Rymmer Rynes Ryng Ryngrose
Ryngs Rynne Rynnes Ryver Ryvers
These names are also available:

Rackard Rackstraw Ractigan Radbone Radborne Radbron Radburn Radcliff Radcliffe Radclyffe Radford Radforth Radley Radnall Radway Raeburn Raffe Rafferty Raffles Raffman Rafter Raftery Raftiss Ragg Ragge Ragget Raggett Raher Rain Rainbird Raine Raines Rainey Rainey Rainford Rainforth Rainnie Rainscroft Rainy Raistrick Rait Raitt Raleigh Ralley Ralph Ralston Ram Ramadge Ramage Rambart Rambert Ramm Ramornie Rampton Ramsay Ramsbotham Ramsbottom Ramsbotton Ramsden Ramsey Ramshire Ranacre Ranald Ranaldson Rance Rand Randal Randall Randell Randelston Randle Randolph Rands Randson Ranigar Ranison Rankeillor Ranken Rankill Rankin Rankine Rankinson Ransley Ransom Ransome Ranson Rant Raper Raperlaw Rapson Rascal Rashleigh Rassleigh Rastall Rastrick Rat Ratcliff Ratcliffe Rate Rathbone Rathbourne Rathmell Ratican Ratigan Ratter Rattican Rattigan Rattray Raven Ravenhill Ravenscroft Ravenshaw Ravenshear Raw Rawbon Rawbone Rawe Rawkins Rawle Rawlence Rawles Rawley Rawlin Rawling Rawlings Rawlins Rawlinson Rawnsley Raws Rawson Rawsthorne Rawstion Rawstorne Rawstron Ray Ray Rayburn Raye Rayment Raymond Raynbird Rayne Rayner Raynes Raynor Rayson Rayson Rea Rea Reach Reacher Read Readdie Reade Reader Reading Readman Readman Real Reams Reaney Reany Rearden Reason Reavy Reburn Record Red Redbeard Reddan Redden Reddick Reddie Redding Reddish Reddoch Reddock Reddy Reddy Rede Redehan Redfearn Redfern Redferne Redford Redgrave Redgrove Redhead Redihalgh Redihough Redley Redmond Redpath Redshaw Redwood Ree Reece Reed Reeder Reedie Reedman Reen Rees Reese Reeson Reeve Reeves Regan Reiach Reid Reidie Reidy Reidy Reilly Remblant Remfry Remington Remnant Renaghan Renaud Renaut Rendall Rendell Render Rendle Rendles Renehan Renfrew Renison Rennard Rennarius Rennell Rennels Rennere Rennie Rennison Renny Renshall Renshaw Renshell Renton Renwick Reoch Repington Rerik Restall Restalrig Restell Reston Reuter Revell Revill Reville Rew Rewcastle Rex Rexstrew Rey Reyburn Reyes Reyner Reynold Reynolds Reynoldson Rhatigan Rhind Rhynd Riach Riall Ribble Ricard Ricards Ricart Riccalton Riccard Rice Rich Richan Richard Richards Richardson Richbell Richelot Richer Riches Richey Richie Richieson Richman Richmond Rickaby Rickard Rickards Ricker Rickerby Ricket Rickets Rickett Ricketts Rickman Ridall Riddal Riddel Riddell Riddeough Riddick Ridding Riddington Riddle Riddlesworth Ridehalgh Ridel Rideout Rider Ridge Ridgeway Ridgway Riding Ridler Ridley Ridlington Ridout Ridoutt Ridpath Ridsby Rigby Rigg Rigge Rigmaiden Rigney Rile Riley Rimbault Rimer Rimington Rimmer Rind Rinder Ring Ringbell Ringrose Rinn Rioch Riordan Ripley Ripon Rippingale Rippingall Rippington Rippon Rires Risbrough Riseborough Riseley Rishton Rishworth Rising Risley Ritchie Ritter River Rivers Rivington Rix Rixon Road Roades Roads Roanson Roantree Roarty Robb Robbins Robert Roberts Robertson Robeson Robin Robinet Robinett Robins Robinson Robison Robkin Roblet Robotham Robottom Robson Robyn Roche Rochester Rochford Rochfort Rock Rockley Rodd Roddy Rodger Rodgers Rodgerson Rodgie Rodney Rodway Rodwell Roe Roebuck Roffey Rogan Roger Rogers Rogerson Rogie Roland Rolf Rolfe Rolfes Roll Rolles Rolleston Rollin Rollings Rollins Rollinson Rollinson Rollison Rollo Rollock Rolls Rollston Rolph Rolston Rolt Romain Romaine Roman Romanes Romanis Romans Romans Rombulow Rome Romer Romney Ronaghan Ronan Ronayne Ronson Rook Rooke Rooke Rooker Rooks Rooneen Rooney Roonian Roonien Roos Root Roper Ropkins Rorieson Rorison Rosamund Roscoe Roscow Rose Roseaman Rosemond Rosewall Rosewell Roskell Roslin Rosling Rosoman Ross Rossall Rossell Rosser Rossie Rossiter Rosthern Roston Rostron Rotherham Rothney Rothnie Rothwell Rough Roughley Roughton Rouine Round Rountree Rourke Rous Rousby Rouse Rousell Routledge Row Rowan Rowand Rowat Rowatt Rowbotham Rowbottom Rowcroft Rowe Rowell Rowes Rowet Rowett Rowland Rowles Rowley Rownson Rowntree Rowse Rowsell Rowson Roxburgh Roy Royan Royce Roycraft Roycroft Royd Royds Roylance Royse Ruan Ruane Rubery Rudd Ruddick Ruddiman Ruddock Rudduck Ruddy Rudge Rudman Ruff Rufus Ruineen Ruish Ruishe Rule Rumball Rumbellow Rumbelow Rumble Rumbles Rumbol Rumbold Rumboll Rumens Rumley Rummans Rummens Rumminger Rummons Rumney Rump Rumsey Runacres Runchman Runciman Runcy Runian Ruse Rush Rushbrook Rushbrooke Rushmer Rushmere Rushmore Rushton Rushworth Rusk Ruskie Rusky Rusling Russ Russ Russel Russell Rust Ruston Rutherford Rutherglen Ruthven Rutland Rutledge Rutlidge Rutter Ruttledge Ruttlidge Ryall Ryan Ryburn Rycroft Ryder Ryding Rye Rylance Ryland Rylands Ryle Rymer Rymour Rynn Rynne

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